Northern Thailand route

Recommendation: Go to Northern Thailand if you love temples

Route overview: Northern Thailand route overview: Bangkok -> Chiang Mai -> Pai -> Chaing Rai

Bangkok (4 nights)

  • Ride the sky train
  • Take the ferry to see the Flower Market, Temple of dawn (Wat Arun), The reclining Buddha (Wat Po temples), and Chinatown
  • Terminal 21 (Giant mall)
  • Take 2-hour scenic train ride to Ayutthaya to see ancient ruins
  • Night markets and enjoy all the street food

13-hour overnight train to Chiang Mai ($29)

Chiang Mai (5 nights)

  • Sunday night market
  • Walk through Old Town to see temples
  • Bhubing Palace and Doi Suthep
  • Huay Kaew Waterfall
  • Eat at Good Souls

3-hour van ride to Pai ($6) ... the road is only 135km, but 762 turns so if you get car sick, brace yourself!

Pai (6 nights)

  • Pai is an adorable town with hippy vibes and lots to do! It was where I learned to drive a scooter which made such a difference in my travels. Not having to reply on others or taxis was amazing!

Things to do in Pai:

  • Take a yoga class
  • Take a Muay Thai boxing class
  • Walk around 'Walking Street'
  • Spend one day going to see the Land Split, Pam Bok Waterfall, and Pai Canyon
  • Spend one day exploring Mo Paeng waterfall and walking the Bamboo Bridge
  • Pai Hotspring resort ($3 entrance to enjoy the pool and hot spring tub)
  • Big white Buddha
  • Eat at Earth Tone café

3-hour van ride to Chaing Rai ($6)

Chiang Rai (3 nights)

  • Stayed at Mercy Hostel
  • Rent a scooter to go see The Blue Temple, The White Temple, and Khun Kon waterfall
  • Check out The Black House and Buddha Caves (Wat Tram Phra)
  • Night Bizarre happens daily
  • Walking street market (only Saturday's)

Chaing Rai was my last stop in Northern Thailand. From there, I traveled by boat to Laos where I continued my travels. After exploring Laos, Vienman, and Cambodia, I ended up back in Thailand to explore the Southern Part of the country.