One month in Bali

Recommendation: Yoga, great food, and adventures

After backpacking throughout SE Asia for seven months, I was ready to park down and relax. I rented a cottage at Gangga House in Ubud, Bali. I choose it because it was walking distance from The Yoga Barn, in the town center, and cheap.

The second time I went to Bali was with my mom in September 2019. We stayed at D'Bulakan Boutique Hotel which was 10 minutes outside Ubud. It had a great free breakfast, beautiful rooms, and a pool.

The Yoga Barn has amazing yoga teachers and a wide range of classes. Although I spent most of my time in Bali doing yoga, I did take a few adventures.

Things do to in Bali:

  • Campuhan Ridge walking trail
  • Uma Pakel coffee tasting
  • Tagalalang Rice Terraces
  • Pura Gunung Kawi (Hindi Temple)
  • Soka beach & Badian Beach are a two are scooter ride from Ubud. Both have black sand and big waves! Badian has more resturants and villas on the beach, but still very quiet
  • Tamam Beji Giriya waterfall (Local spot for water blessing)
  • Boat trip to Nusa Penida Island (fun to spend 1-2 nights there)
  • Eat at Zest (great views and AMAZING food)